Mugged off by the mocktail? #mocktailmadness

It’s Summer, we’re hot, we’re thirsty, we’re hungry….but goddammit we’re saying STOOOOP THE MAAAAAADNESS when it comes to overpriced, trendy ‘artisan’ food and drink.

According to new research we’re releasing on behalf of new client Britvic and its J2O Spritz brand, we’re outraged by the cost of mocktails and other “artisan” tagged drinks and food on average seven times a month. Two thirds (65%) of us even admit to buying an item we can’t afford because we’re too embarrassed to put it back. And even booze-free Brits say they’re spending nearly £40 on a night out on mocktails and soft drinks.

Together with J2O, we decided it was time to take a stand against this mocktail madness. Check out our short film here and then put your wallet back in your pocket and say ‘No, Sir, no thank you, I say no’. Be sensible and opt for a far more refreshing and simple choice… a J2O Spritz.

Mandy Sharp