October 1, 2018

Roald Dahl’s Matilda turns 30

Today marks 30 years since Roald Dahl’s best-selling book, Matilda, was first published. To mark the occasion, we invited the general public to reimagine what the tiny heroine would be doing in her thirties, including who she’d be standing up to now…


As well as Trump being the modern day Trunchbull, the study found that over half of the British public think that Matilda would still have her powers of telekenises (56%), have travelled the world (53%) and have been knighted by the Queen (29%).

We celebrated her birthday by installing an eye-catching statue of Matilda standing up to Trump in Roald Dahl’s birthplace – Great Missenden.

Coverage has gone far and wide with blanket nationals, consumer, social and international media all covering the story.

You can find the full story on BBC News OnlineThe Telegraph Online, or in today’s Stylist newsletter