Gigantic ‘fatberg’ highlights health consequences of Christmas over-indulgence

Reminiscent of the 1958 film, The Blob – we created a gigantic ‘Fatberg’ (made of real fat) to encourage Brits to seriously think about their internal health as well as their physical appearance after a Christmas of overindulgence.

Standing at the height of a London bus and measuring over 10ft wide, the enormous mass represented the UK’s collective weight gain of 131,296 TONNES during the festive period.

The stunt was designed to promote our client Thriva a preventative Healthcare service that offers at home, finger-prick blood tests to help people better understand their future health risk and improve their wellbeing. It analyses levels of cholesterol and essential vitamins as well as the function of key organs.

It surfaced along the city’s South Bank on Tuesday 16th January – during the week most Brits are likely to abandon their New Year health kick and was accompanied with research estimating 6 in 10 Brits have raised or abnormal blood cholesterol, and over 4 million UK residents currently live with diabetes and another 7 million are estimated to have prediabetes.

In fact, Triglycerides, a cholesterol marker that represents the level of fat in the blood, raises 10% on average between December and January.

Results (day 2 post stunt!) are already impressive. Mass media coverage both in the UK and overseas and significant uplift in website traffic and sales. More to follow.

Watch the journey of the Fatberg here

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