The Avis social channels needed a boost of positivity and fun to excite its online audience.  Enter Tin Man with a beautifully designed, interactive Christmas Calendar to build advocacy and spread Christmas joy and online buzz for Avis. The 12-day campaign converted £11,000 worth of sales (twice the amount of sales compared to the same period the previous year!), engaged 27,000 entrants to take part and 8,000 unique users.
The campaign’s advocacy element pushed Avis far ahead of competition in sentiment stakes, with campaign-related posts drawing an average score of 7.93. 98% of these posts were rated with ‘joy’ emotion. We achieved more engagements on Facebook than all of Avis’ main competitors by at least 100%, despite some of them having greater communities.
How did it work? We wanted to bring to life the TV advertising theme – ‘unlock the drive of your life with Avis’, so customers were invited to ‘unlock’ a festive rhyming riddle to reveal luxury daily prizes behind animated windows. From iPads and cameras to luxury car hire and a holiday worth £5k – the calendar was engaging, fun and premium to reflect the Avis brand.  A clever ‘share to increase your chances’ mechanism flew on social and within 12 days, we’d smashed all KPIs.

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