A Parliamentary affair – VQ Day 2015 causes a debate in the House of Commons

Team Tin Man is in the mood for a serious celebration following a hugely successful campaign for the Edge Foundation to celebrate VQ Day 2015. Having secured over 400 pieces of coverage, including 23 national and 319 regional pieces – and more coming in every day – we saw a debate on VQ Day take place in the House of Commons, proving the ultimate power of PR.

The eighth annual VQ Day took place on 10th June 2015, amidst the highly charged political landscape of the new parliament. Any news surrounding education policy and the government was subsequently much more difficult to place – but we managed it. We crafted two original research stories – one to launch the campaign and one to mark VQ Day – positioning vocational education and skills as vital resources to UK individuals and their communities.

The VQ Awards, taking place on the 9th June, saw a flood of entries which proved the fantastic careers vocational students have carved out in a huge variety of industries. From film making to fashion and brewing to basketball, we celebrated the stories of vocational learners, teachers and employers from across the UK. The event was bigger than any previous awards, with over 130 attendees including MPs, media and key stakeholders.

Take a look below at some of the fantastic coverage achieved throughout the campaign.


Demonstrating the importance of practical education and skills to the UK as a whole, our campaign created a huge amount of buzz, with hundreds of tweets using the hashtag #VQDay.

The parliamentary debate on June 9th saw 10 MPs from across the country and the political spectrum speaking out in support of VQ Day, including Minister for Skills Nick Boles MP.

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