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How do we change negative perceptions of online dating and improve positive brand sentiment for one of the UK’s largest online dating websites, Plenty of Fish? 


To help position Plenty of Fish as leaders in safer online dating, we commissioned research and partnered with undercover police officer and cyber security expert Danni Brooke to create a comprehensive Safer Dating Report. Launched ahead of Valentine's Day, the Report revealed that 25% of Brits felt they did not know enough about dating safety and 49% have stayed on a date longer than they would like, just to be polite. In response, the Report set out to help single Brits with guidance on best practices and offer tips and insights for how to make the most of the tools available to them.  

Cyber security expert Danni Brooke

Cyber security expert Danni Brooke

Meanwhile, our always-on press office means we’re able to tap into various cultural trends and newsjacking opportunities to generate positive cut-through for the brand. For example, we coined a new dating dictionary for 2019 featuring terms like Grande-ing and White Walking to capitalise on Ariana’s hit single and increased coupling around Valentine’s Day.

Ensuring regular placement of Plenty of Fish success story couples in key lifestyle and reality media also helps promote the brand’s sector leadership and success rate.



Through strategic campaigns and press office activity we’ve generated exceptional commercial and media results:

  • Over the past 11 months we’ve secured over 250 pieces of coverage, including 25+ nationals such as BBC Radio 1, MailOnline, The Sun, The Independent

  • The brand experienced a 45% increase in positive sentiment in the first 8 months

  • One in 7 people saw coverage of the Safer Dating Report

  • In launch week, the Safer Dating Report contributed to 50% overall positive sentiment in the UK, representing the highest since January 2018 for the brand. Without PR activity sentiment tends to sit at around 16% - 20%

  • 69% of all coverage of the Safer Dating Report linked back to where it was hosted on the safety section of the brand’s website, and the page received 12,610 clicks within less than a month

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