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Commuters across the country leave over 38 million items of lost property on trains every year – equating to a staggering £906 million worth of property across the UK. 

To raise awareness of East Midlands Trains’ new lost property service, ‘Found it!’, Tin Man was tasked with creating an emotionally engaging campaign that would encourage customers to feel good about the brand.

The variety of lost property items on trains is vast. This got us thinking. We wanted to connect owners back with their items in a shareable and memorable way. So we partnered with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and challenged them to create an exclusive piece of music titled ‘An Ode to My Former Owner’ which consisted of 11,304 notes – the exact number of items lost on East Midlands trains every year. However, the real the twist was the orchestra had to make music using the actual, lost items left behind on trains.

From a surfboard and a bicycle pump to an inflatable cactus, the items were turned into instruments and used in a live performance of “An Ode To My Former Owner” at St Pancras station. 


As expected this campaign flew in the media. With 163 pieces of coverage secured in 2 days, including 12 nationals. and news pieces on ITV London, Good Morning Britain and features on BBC Radio 4 ‘You & Yours’. 

This campaign has had significant brand awareness impact too:
Awareness of the lost property service for East Midlands Trains increased by 9.5%.
Of those who saw the coverage, 81% would be more likely to use an East Midlands Trains service.

Mandy Sharp