With quality time between parents and their children at risk in our fast-paced world, today we’ve launched a campaign to help explain the challenges faced by working parents to children with the world’s largest job site, Indeed. 


Our research showed almost a third of British parents miss bedtime with their kids at least three out of five nights a week due to working late. An additional third feel guilty about missing out on quality time. 


To position Indeed as a supporter of working parents, we devised a campaign that saw the creation of a children’s bedtime storybook in partnership with children’s author Giles Paley-Phillips. Available in book, animation and audio formats, this bedtime story helps make the challenges faced by working parents more understandable for kids and encourages proactive conversations about work.


The campaign is part of our greater campaign work for Indeed which looks to drive the public towards the job site and place Indeed as the first port of call when looking to change career and ‘pivot’ towards a better life.

Mandy Sharp