Countdown’s Susie Dent spreading the good word!

Countdown’s Susie Dent spreading the good word!

Do you know your Spondulix from your Pavorotti? Are Sir Isaac and Arthur Ashe leaving you scratching your head and just how many Lady Godivas are there in a Commodore? 

Working with money sharing app Pingit we commissioned a survey which unearthed more than 80 different ways to describe money and found seven in 10 Brits aren’t sure what the different slang terms for money actually mean. But more than one in two say that using slang words makes them feel more confident when discussing dough. 

Partnering with lexicographer and Countdown presenter Susie Dent we helped shine even more of a light on diverse dosh dialects. 

The campaign was part of our greater strategy to drive engagement with the Pingit app and enable Brits to have confidence when talking about money.

Mandy Sharp