Each year, to mark International Women’s Day, brands across all sectors and of all sizes place gender equality at the forefront of their narratives. So, to mark the Day this year, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite campaigns from the last couple of years which place women’s empowerment at their heart:

  • L’Occitane, #NoFilterNeeded – Determined to redefine industry standards on beauty, L’Occitane launched their new SPF line in a campaign fronted by their employees, to celebrate the individuality, authenticity and vulnerability of true beauty. The concept was simple, but in an industry awash with airbrushing the result was one that truly resonated with consumers.

  • Google, A Moment in Search – To show that the movement for equality is growing in strength, Google created a powerful video to reveal 2017/18 analytics proving that ‘gender equality’ searches had increased.

  • Smirnoff x Spotify, Equaliser – Have you ever stopped and thought about your Spotify playlist? Well the team at Spotify did and were staggered by what they found; 100% of the top tracks streamed in 2017 were by male artists. To remedy the imbalance Spotify and Smirnoff teamed up to create The Equaliser, an online platform that analyses the percentage of music you listen to that’s created by men versus women. The interactive campaign encouraged people to get involved in tipping the balance by giving listeners a chance to create a more balanced playlist.

  • HSBC, Fairer Tales – Dissatisfied by their research which found that gender stereotyping within popular culture and fairy tales plays a key role in shaping financial behaviours that last a lifetime, HSBC teamed up with children’s author Emma Dodd to help ‘Balance the Books’. The result? A series of stories featuring strong and financially savvy princesses, that engaged with generations both young and old.

  • Mayor of London, #BehindEveryGreatCity – To mark 100 years since women’s suffrage, last year Sadiq Khan launched a year long, integrated campaign #BehindEveryGreatCity which placed a spotlight on women’s contribution to the city. This cleverly designed, activity-based and social-led campaign showcases the force and achievement of women without an overtly political narrative.

Oh, and our own take on the day? Well if you swing by our social media channels, you’ll see that we’ve had a temporary Tin Woman make over, and we’re looking pretty good!

Mandy Sharp