Valentine’s Day is upon us, love is in the air and many of us are eyeing a candlelit dinner with that special someone. But 15% of us would reject a second date if they didn’t stump up the cash for the meal, according to new research we’ve launched today for money sharing app Pingit.


Our campaign reveals that 75% of Brits are worried about making a Financial Faux Pas, with “taking too long to pay someone back’ earmarked as the cardinal sin. We also learnt that just over half of Brits said they would ask someone their age over their income and a quarter said they would rather reveal their weight than reveal how much they earn.


Recognising that this issue was causing the public anxiety, we enlisted the help of etiquette expert Jo Bryant who has also today launched our top tips on how to approach situations involving splitting bills and discussing salaries.


The aim of the campaign is to position Pingit as the ‘go to’ platform when sharing money and splitting bills. As part of our wider press office activity, we’re engaging millennials to drive sign ups.  

Mandy Sharp